About Us

Onitemi is an online kids gift store founded by Tosin Hassan and birthed from a deep desire to make sure children feel seen. As a brand we do this by investing in their education through our product choices, offer products that allow all children to see themselves, through play which encourages bonding with their loved ones, through gifting which reminds them that they’re special and loved. 

With the founder being a very sentimental individual there was a need to create a brand that has sentiment woven into every part of the customer experience and would make both the giver and the recipient of the gift feel special and cared for.

Our Name

Onitemi is a term of endearment in the Yoruba language meaning 'mine', 'my own' or 'the one for me'. It is often used as a nickname for a person held extremely close to your heart and we know that is exactly what your child, niece, nephew, god-child or whoever you’re buying for is to you.

 This is exactly why the name Onitemi was chosen, as it perfectly captures the essence of tthe brand. At Onitemi it's not just about gift giving, it's about the person choosing a gift, the child receiving it, the gift itself, the packaging, the smile and gratitude upon receiving it, the hugs that follow thereafter, and the heart-warming feeling that leaves a memory imprinted in the hearts of little ones for years to come. 

Who we are

As a brand we pride ourselves in ‘making sure children feel seen’. We know how much your little ones mean to you, so we want them to feel that too. We're thoughtful and ever so particular when it comes to serving our customers, ensuring they only get the best of the best.

Every product we stock is well thought out, from the materials used, to its durability and of course its quality too. If it's not high quality, you won't find it at Onitemi Gifts.

With this in mind, please come and talk to us at hello@ontemigifts.com if you have any feedback about ways we can improve our service for you. We want to keep getting better and growing our community. 

Love from

Tosin Hassan

Founder of Onitemi Gifts